Business Consulting for the Creative Community

Remember when you began as an artist? You were passionate about your craft, and were SURE you could make a living doing what you love. Unfortunately, nobody taught you what to do after the paint dried. Here, I have a few common scenarios to run by you.  Nod your head when you see yourself in them.

*You’re HIDING in your studio creating with no idea how to get your work into buyer’s hands.
*You’ve taken gazillions of art and design courses but you’ve never been taught how to actually SELL.
*Your work is in a few galleries or retail outlets but you can’t seem to move BEYOND.
*You have NO idea if you’re actually making a PROFIT.
*You can’t find the RIGHT buyers, galleries or retail outlets for your designs.
*You’re UNFOCUSED in the studio and can’t decide on a design/product direction.
*You have no idea how to MERCHANDISE your art product to entice a buyer.

Are you nodding your head?  Vigorously I’d imagine…  It doesn’t really matter what’s holding your art or design business back. The real question is, what are you doing about it? You can go ahead and continue to do what you’ve always done; enter local fairs and festivals, apply for the same juried shows every year; join ETSY, throw your images on your website; donate to “get your name out there;” or put your work on coffee shop walls, but the hard truth is that continuing down the same path won’t give you better results or help your art business grow.  And truly if you don’t KNOW the steps to take to have a successful, healthy and happy business, you’re going to continue to struggle to reach your dreams.

But don’t fret, I believe in your value as an creative business owner. Actually, I believe that you and I working together can actually INCREASE your value, opportunities to prosper and help your business flourish, AND we can do it in a way that’s easy to understand and manage as a right-brained individual. I think that the only thing you REALLY need, beyond your brilliance and creativity, is education, support and expert guidance to finally teach you the skills you need to succeed and profit. But how can you get there?  How can you FINALLY learn business and relationship skills specific to a creative entrepreneur?

Using a combination of my long-standing, mixed-media fine art & design and corporate merchandising & operations backgrounds, I’ve been working with artists, makers and designers of all stripes for years coaching them to their greatest value and helping them reach their goals.  Come ride with me: click here because you’re intrigued and curiosity is in our DNA. If you’ve got the verve to commit to your success, I’ll sit with you one-on-one, ask you to be introspective but not overwhelm you with business lingo while we work step-by-step together or if you prefer sharing pencils with strangers who may offer wondrous opportunities, I offer group workshops and teach through art and culture non-profits.

You’d like to learn more about me, I’d imagine.. well just click.



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