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and all other creatives and general entrepreneurs…

to EARN A LIVING and ENJOY their creative business!

We’re artists. We play, create, connect and share our soul. But then there’s the money. A business is merely a hobby if you’re not actually profiting. How do you earn an INCOME with your art? How do you get in front of galleries, businesses and individuals who WANT to buy what you make? Seriously, where in-the-hell are they and how do you find them? And when you DO, how do you speak to them, what materials do they need from you and how do you keep the business relationship strong and mutually beneficial?

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”  Warhol

Galleries, design firms and retailers tell us that they prefer working with talented artists that are also responsible and educated in healthy business and relationship strategies. Detroit Art & Business Institute (DABI) is passionate about guiding artists to build strong business relationships and increase sales which ultimately strengthens our entire creative community.

Growth-ombreSticking to your creative integrity while growing a successful art business is completely do-able with targeted and innovative guidance that goes WAY beyond the general, business building courses. Detroit Art & Business Institute IS Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan’s main source of creative business support.  We work with emerging and established artists from all areas of art, design and craft, both wholesale and retail to;

  • streamline their vision keeping them focused on the RIGHT creative path for them,
  • create private coaching sessions around specific sales goals and current structures,
  • help artists speak clearly to THEIR unique buyer while also sourcing alternative sales options,
  • budget and create a profitable cost structure,
  • create an educational community for artists to grow together through group courses and seminars,
  • stay focused inside the studio and beyond,
  • execute at their highest level,
  • merchandise and display their art to entice buyers and make it easier to sell,
  • detail their integrity, values and relationships to strengthen their business from the inside out,
  • introduce artists to a slew of experts in all areas of business to increase their support group,
  • and everything else an artist needs to fuel higher profits and their higher purpose.

If you keep doing the “same old” without learning the necessary steps to expand your art business, you’ll continue to struggle to reach your dreams.


Education is a major key towards success and Detroit Art & Business Institute
GIVES you the targeted education you need and deserve.

Working together, we can actually INCREASE your value, open up opportunities to prosper and help your creative business flourish, AND do it in a way that’s uplifting and easy to understand! We here at DABI know that your passion and creativity isn’t enough, you require targeted education, support, accountability to reach your goals and expert guidance to give you the skills you deserve to FINALLY prosper with your art.

Contact us at DABI to begin a dialog and jumpstart your creative business!


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