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So here I am; fine artist; business specialist; consummate connector of innovative people; and lover of the “little things.”  Even though my high school friends kept shrieking, “WHYYYY?” I moved back to Michigan from the East Coast with a HUGE smile and you know what?  I’m having a blast teaching artists and entrepreneurs best business practices and healthy relationship strategies. You didn’t see THAT coming, did you?  Truly, I’m meeting really intelligent and innovative folks then exciting them because they actually SEE how they can build a viable and successful creative business through my Detroit Art & Business Institute using Mind Your Art Business educational programming.

Come ride with me: click here because you’re an intrigued entrepreneur and curiosity is in our DNA.

If you’ve got the verve to commit to your success, I’ll sit with you one-on-one, ask you to be introspective and not overwhelm you with CEO-speak (business lingo) while we work step-by-step together or if you prefer sharing pencils with strangers who may offer wondrous opportunities, I hold monthly, pop-up, group workshops and teach through art and culture non-profits. For those of you who can’t enjoy my smile in person, you get to access my On Demand streaming, educational content.

And if you want me to PROVE that I’m an artist, just click.



Andrea Rosenfeld uses her training and vivid imagination to expand one’s idea of art; thought-provoking; enlightening and participatory. Her sculptural, jewelry designs are manifested from a variety of eco-friendly, precious materials: each evoking emotions derived from texture and composition, their relation to other materials or the light itself. Andrea’s jewelry art has garnered press, including the premier fashion trade publication, Women’s Wear Daily, The Gem Trade Association, National Jeweler, the Retail Jeweler, the Chicago Sun Times, and more.

A mixed media artist, Rosenfeld’s been exhibiting in metals and gemstones as a bench jeweler until 2013, when she moved from New York back to Michigan to focus on arts advocacy and uplifting the local arts community through business education.  Putting down her torch, she’s come back to paint and fiber, or whatever materials call.  Her paintings encompass her enjoyment of textures and negative space: the way they play together within the environment.  Most of her pieces allude to movement, whether it’s interplay between shapes and colors or mere perception of perspectives.

Andrea Rosenfeld studied fine art at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design and has an associate’s degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.  In her professional life, she has also served as the Director of Merchandising and Operations for Isaac Mizrahi, Ltd., New York and Assistant Merchandiser for Perry Ellis Portfolio Menswear, New York.

Rosenfeld has sold through Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel stores, galleries and boutiques while also exhibiting in the Metro Detroit area, as well as in other parts of the country including New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania.





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